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Visitors and Members Comments About Online Dating Scams - Page 1

This page lists the comments members or visitors sent to nextwink about online dating scams.

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Oct 15 2007 01:32:11 AM GMT

This scammer claim to be from Londan, living in San Diego,Ca suddenly had a project in Ghana and his luggage did not make it and he need to finish the project, but needs his laptop which was in his luggage. If I could go to Best Buy and buy him one, he would sure pay me back. I said NO and he was upset, say I do not Love him and I was leading him on. He must love me, he sent me some $300.00 roses and I can not do a little favor for him. Then he asked for $400.00 to purchase on over there, my answer was still no, my reason I do not give money to men against my believe, he ask how stupid is that don't you love me, I replied NO, I do not know you. He use the name Michael Lartey, when I looked that name up, it did not match the photo sent, Michael Lartey is a Ghana Chemist. The London guy is white big difference. I had several red flags that raised my eyebrow, that is when I began to do research.

On SingleNet his profile if Perfect4looking. His email on yahoo is nice4looking@yahoo.com and if you need a photo let me know

Oct 15 2007 02:00:38 AM GMT

ok i just thought i would share this with you last year i was taken by a Russian scammer her online name was ellna pekmenover she clamed to be a doctor in russian lot 1800 dollars from this person i got to know her over 9 months and i honestly thought she was for real i even seen her pass port and many photos as well . but as soon as i sent the money to come over to be with me she never contacted me again she even gave me an time and date and fly number and i did check it all out and it did add up but hay what can i truly say she was very clever at what she did. i feel that weston union should have a much better way at checking people like con people out ty from andrew in qld australia bye for now tc.

Oct 25 2007 23:41:18 PM GMT

i just read all of this and it really opened my eyes for i had a guy from ausiematchmaker do the same to me ..he was from nigeria..even through he showed me a booking of a airline that he emailed me i felt he was true and i had a gut feeling so i showed a friend and he said its all a scam so i told that guy that i thought was true to hmm well i cant swear on here but i told him and havent heard from him since.but they are so good at it plenty of practice i surpose. lol. reading all this it makes me wonder is it safe and how can you trust anyone on any sites now here i was thinking it would all be safe.. thank you for the eye opener on all this it surprised me on how many you have found.i noticed a face on there that i had seen on aussie aswell hmmm thank you again kind regards rae

Nov 04 2007 12:49:37 PM

hi im writing to you about how i have been conned buy a women on here her nickname is refresh 392000 i had lent her money as she scammed her way to my heart im wanting to take legal action against this women for the refund of my money as i have a kind heart i have never meet this woman in person we spoke over the phone a few times and she put the sob story on that she was a single mum with 6 kids and her last partner she left him due to catching him in bed with another woman im wanting for you to also do something about this person as she has done it to other men i dont have her contact details or address as i put the money into her daughters account

Nov 12 2007 09:11:54 AM GMT

Hi thought id just tell ya i think debbydebbie 27 females a scam shes in south africa so she says and tried to con money out of me shes stuck in a hotel and says she needs cash to be released from there sounds a bit sus any way

Nov 29 2007 02:31:34 AM GMT


Not sure if this is one or not but the mail seems a little long with lots of spelling errors etc ...

Username: tolly

Hope this helps ... by the way great site and community here you should be damn proud of what you have created.

I have saved the message in case you need it.

Cheers and have a good weekend

Dec 08 2007 08:49:28 AM GMT

I met a Matins Mike Grey 5 mths ago in Aust through web but he is in Nigeria Lagos at the moment I have been taken for $2300 for plane ticket as he never got here something went wrong he is still emailing me but Im very unsure about this now where can I find if he is a scammer his email addr that he uses is:matins_grey@yahoo.com & he is suppose to be American from Oregon, he reckons he is going to prison of carrying large sum of money on plane & he sent me a scanned cheque to say this money was paid to him by Betchel Corp only 3wks ago. I did end up having online sex & he does have a few pics of me now Im scared what do I do now I feel like a fool never used dating on the web in my life & I didnt look for this person either.

Dec 31 2007 05:55:20 AM GMT

check this email out please williams_russell07@yahoo.com and robertrussell07@yahoo.com i have been asked for money by top email address, second one supposedly his son i know i am being scammed and have not given clue to him i know

Jan 04 2008 17:53:25 PM GMT

Removed as per request.

Jan 14 2008 06:32:54 AM GMT

i was scammed by a person who called themself Susan Kurt...susankurt2008@yahoo.com she gave me her logos phone # and wanted money forher moter that had cancer

Jan 18 2008 02:18:10 AM GMT

i recently meet this american female on (companions.com.au)that fed me all this crap about her being lonely & looking 4 someone to start a new life with. after msg her a few times a got a email sent 2 me from companions saying that beware in their opinion she was a scammer & they had banned her from their site . her name she goes under is coty jackson ( coty4u2000) her email address is coty4u2000@yahoo.com. is there anyway u can find out if the information given 2 me by companions is correct or not.

Jan 18 2008 19:02:17 PM GMT

I am so tired of being contacted by these Dating Scam Jerks from Nigeria....is there a website to tell everyone about the scammers you come across?

Jan 20 2008 05:58:02 AM GMT

I am so glad there are people out here that cares. After reading your site i have to admit I was almost scamed. I am a member of a new site call BlackPeopleMeet.com. There I am a member seeking a romance until a gentlemen drop me a line telling me of himself and asking for me to contact him, I didn't think of anything at first until we got on the Yahoo Im to chat further. The more we talk and exchange pictures this person had the nerve to ask me of money. Luckly for me I did not give in instead I told this person that I was an uncover Police officer and quickly he left me alone. I wish to send u information regarding this party so they will not hurt the next innocent person who is looking for love as Myself. The party name was or is saying he is Alvin Daves, His handle or name he is using On BlackpeopleMeet is call Lover2be. Please check into this matter before some one loses their money, home or whatever to this guy. Thank-you.

Feb 22 2008 03:25:26 AM GMT

I met someone online by the name of Eric Gyasi. I don't know if he is a fraud or not. People like travel agents have called me to tell me that he is not that kind of person, but just stuck in Africa. He originally had a NY phone #, which I have called myself and it did work. He said he had to go to his mother who was sick in Australia and then go to Africa to a gold auction because he says that he makes jewelry from gold. I hate to assume he is frauding me if he really isn't.

How do I know that he isn't actually stuck in that country? I have spoken to his supposed doctor when he was in the hospital from getting mugged. The person that mugged him took his money. He was mugged on the way back from a gold auction. The person took lots of money and knocked him out. He said he had to go by ambulance. He says he needs money to get back to NY. I have been talking to him for about 7 months and have told him no sending any more money and he still instant messages me.

He hasn't just gone away like some people say he would. He has gold in customs in Ghana and wants to leave it there and get it back when he gets back to NY where his money is. He says he can't access his money because his credit cards are on hold due to the mugging. How can I find out if he is truly a fraud? I have looked under the yellow pages in NY and there is an Eric Gyasi, but not sure if it's the same one.

Apr 18 2008 08:10:40 AM GMT

Hi I have about 11 woman that are trying to scam me from nigeria I have been trying to keep them thinking I am interested so I could find out how to get them caught, and I have come across your website and would like you to monitor them or whatever it is you do and catch them.

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